Jogging pants as the current fashion trend in leisure

Jogging pants are part of the Jogginganzugs carried in sports or leisure. Again and again make sweatpants for polarizations. The one they think is an absolute no-go, another set with fashionable designs new fashion trends.
Rarely attended sweatpants for as differentiated opinions as date. Galt the sweatpants to be quite suitable for the road in the 90s, they wanted to wear 10 years later, hardly anyone outside of the home. But loyal followers insisted on the recognition of this leg dress, there is the International Day of sweatpants on 21 January. But great day or not, the sweatpants no longer has long been considered the epitome of the lack of style. At least not when they created by designers and is properly combined.

Stylish combinations

Ghostly they may be gray, with cuffs at the ankles and “round up” nice baggy. If you want, the sweatpants at the calves schoppen or roll up. To this end, almost everything can be worn. From the ruffled blouse to wool blazer or trench coat everything fits-if one is bold and experimental. Designers talk of casual elegance.

The Sweat Jacket-a trend predecessor

No wonder really, finally saw the other part of Jogginganzugs, the sweat jacket, this revolution years ago. It fit with jeans as well as to the classic pleated pants. The jacket and the shoes for jogging pants with the combining the upper part. If possible with narrow jackets or tops, fitted or quite short cut. Finally, you want to support or make in sweatpants style or your figure.

When footwear is heels are just as flat soles. Only on sneakers is it more. Unless the outfit should actually be a sporty and casual. Probably no one to mow the lawn on high heels or bolts with the children. In your own garden and in your own home goes anything. And who feels comfortable in the baggy look that can carry him. By the way one discovers on newspaper sheets always celebrities who go in jogging pants for shopping and for not to be ashamed, of course, living in the U.S. where most fashion trends arise.

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