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ALTUS AIR BASE, Oklahoma –

The 97th Medical Group hosted honorary commanders for a day of immersion on September 17, 2021.

Each quarter, the 97 AMW honorary commanders visit and visit a different group on base. The purpose of this visit was to showcase the MDG 97 Airmen and their mission: to ensure maximum wartime readiness and combat capability by promoting the health, safety and morale of active duty personnel. at the 97th Air Mobility Wing. In addition, they staff, train, mobilize and deliver medical services in support of emergency operations around the world.

Honorary commanders received briefings and demonstrations from the group’s two squadrons. The 97th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron is responsible for primary care, aerospace and operational medicine, optometry, public health, bioenvironmental engineering, mental health and dental care, while the 97th Operations Squadron Healthcare oversees resource management, healthcare operations and patient administration, medical information. systems, medical logistics, medical preparation, pharmacy, laboratory and diagnostic imaging.

Honorary commanders serve a two-year term attached to a particular unit at the 97th AMW. In this partnership, they leverage their positions as community leaders and influencers to act as grassroots advocates at the local and federal levels.

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