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Animal Crossing players ‘grow’ weed and craft dispensaries


People were manufacturing cannabis dispensaries in Animal Crossing for a long time. I mean the last game was called Animal Crossing: New Leaf – and then there’s Leif, the gardener and arborist who always asks if he can buy weed (s) on your island. With New Horizons“Custom designs, you do whatever you want, and players would customize the brackets and panels for the right vibe. But Update 2.0 introduced a few choice elements that allowed players to upgrade their Dispensary setups further.

First there is the new schefflera plant – it’s not a marijuana plant, but it looks close enough to pass for one. Definitely closer than any plant that came before it. (Fun fact: the schefflera is also known as a “money tree” in some cultures, signaling prosperity of a different kind.)

Group these plants and combine them with compelling accent walls, furniture and the Happy house paradise The overheating lighting of the DLC and you’ve got Animal Crossing players growing their own weed – filling their dispensaries with the best cannabinoids and terpenes New Horizons has to offer.

And then there’s Whistloid, one of Update 2.0’s gyroids that certainly doesn’t look like a bang. Fans have started calling this little guy bongoid, and honestly, they’re right.

Finish this off with the new glowing foam, which can be easily turned into a incandescent-moss-jar-shelving item, perfect for a budtender to display their wares.

The Happy home paradise The DLC gave players plenty of chances to break it all together to create dispensaries and weeding greenhouses out of facilities. Hospital is a common candidate, but coffee also works well for a cool but caffeinated moment.

Players also turn villagers’ vacation homes into weed lairs. Some of these are more obvious than others, like Bob’s request for a “Indoor flower garden. “But if you haven’t had Bob yet, I’m telling you don’t dream about it, anyway.