Home Ventilation system Flair is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your HVAC...

Flair is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system


Everyone has one of these rooms in their house, one that is a little too hot in summer or too cold in winter. That, if you want to make it comfortable, you have to make the rest of your house uncomfortable.

There are solutions, but they require you to either redo your attic vents (expensive, time consuming, and not necessarily guaranteed to work) or get some heaters or fans (which cost less but never seem to work as well. that you need them at).

Flair offers a whole-home solution that allows you to intelligently regulate the temperature of each room, without having to do heavy HVAC work or clutter your home with appliances. Simply replace your old A / C vent covers with their smart covers, set up the system, and let Flair take care of the airflow in your home.

What is that?

Flair is a smart ventilation system that replaces your existing A / C ventilation covers. Each vent has a built-in motor that opens or closes the vent depending on the room temperature. It works with a room watch washer (sold separately) and can also integrate with your smart thermostat (ecobee, Honeywell and Nest) to keep an eye on every room in your home.

How it works?

You know how most vents have these manual levers that direct the airflow or close the vent completely? And you know how hardly anyone uses them (because who’s going to pull out the ladder and adjust the vent manually)? Flair automatically opens and closes the vent so you can divert airflow from rooms that don’t need it to hot or cold rooms that need it.

First you need to determine which rooms need the Flair smart vents. While you could replacing every vent in your home with Flair would be a costly and above all unnecessary exercise. Flair recommends that you replace the vents in the rooms closest to your air handler to maximize air flow. Your problem rooms don’t really need smart vents because the assumption is that they’ll be open all the time.

If you don’t know the measurements of your existing A / C vent covers, you’ll need to do a bit of homework. Luckily, Flair has smart vents for almost all standard size air conditioning vents. Once you have the vents, you will sync them with the Flair apps and simply replace them in the necessary parts. Leave a Flair washer in the rooms you need to monitor (smart vents have their own built-in temperature monitors, so they’ll keep track of which rooms they’re in). Then, when your room gets too hot or too cold, as long as your other rooms don’t need temperature control (that is, they are already cold enough or hot enough), the air vents vents close and redirect air to the room that needs it.

Do you have a mini split instead of central air conditioning? Flair can help there too. Their Smart Pucks work with mini split systems, allowing you to control them remotely.

Is it worth it?

The first day I installed the Flair smart vents in my home, I could already tell it was exactly what I needed. I have a fan in my back office that usually runs full blast at 10 a.m. during the summer months (and early fall here in Florida). With Flair installed, the temperature in this back room stayed noticeably cooler all day. Flair is particularly effective for “discontinued” parts like my office.

The large living room right in front of my office would get terribly cold all day long as my A / C worked overtime trying to cool my office (I have an ecobee smart thermostat with a temperature sensor in the office). The same would happen with unoccupied bedrooms and the laundry room. Now with the Flair vents in each of these rooms he can tell if they’re occupied or not and keep the vents closed.

Once installed, you will hardly notice the Flair vents are there. The motor is quiet, with only a slight whirring noise when opening or closing the vent. They also look good, definitely better than the builder grade vents they replaced.

The Flair app gives you detailed and granular information for each device in your system, allowing you to customize your comfort. Or you can just install it and forget about it, which seems to work just fine too. My Flair vents and my ecobee work together to keep every part of my house at the right temperature. Flair does the same magic with Honeywell and Nest thermostats and sensors.

You can dig into various graphics for each device as well, but I found them difficult to use on the app. They feel like they should be navigated with a mouse, not with the fingers. But the graphics are really only there for data-obsessed users and not necessary at all for a full Flair system experience.

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase a Flair smart vent and washer combo for around $ 210 (you need at least one washer to act as a hub for the system). Individual vents can be purchased for around $ 100. While Flair might not be the cheapest solution (it would be a manually operated ladder and vent), they solve a problem elegantly and cleverly. They are easy to use and virtually maintenance free (two C batteries will power a vent for about two years). Since your air conditioning is probably the most energy-consuming in your home, Flair depreciates over time, reducing overall system usage.

Visit the Flair website to find out more.

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