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Greenhouse KSL | Caring for tomatoes during high temperatures


SALT LAKE CITY – High temperatures can have a detrimental effect on vegetable plants, especially more delicate plants like tomatoes.

So, KSL Greenhouse Show host Taun Beddes offered some tips for taking care of your tomatoes to ensure they retain their fruit and quality. Taun said constant temperatures above 95 degrees prevent tomato plants from ripening.

Shade cloths

Shading tomatoes is essential, Taun says, and you can use shade cloths if “you want around 20-30 percent shade.” By using shade cloths, you can reduce the temperature of tomatoes by about 20-30 degrees, and you can get tomatoes 4 weeks earlier than expected.

Heat resistant tomatoes

A good tip for maximizing the season is to buy a variety of tomatoes that are more heat tolerant, although Beddes warns they might not be as good as the more popular tomatoes.

Be patient

If it’s too hot, wait until the temperatures are cooler for the tomatoes to ripen, Taun Said said.

“It should be less than 90 (degrees) during the day and between 55 and 65 (degrees) at night.”

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