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Greenhouses in Olbrich Botanical Gardens are replaced


Community members gathered on Saturday morning to celebrate the grand opening of the Frautschi Family Learning Center and Greenhouses at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin. According to Olbrich Gardens, the 8,500 square foot learning center is the first dedicated educational space in Olbrich’s history. Educational offerings, including school programs, summer writing camps, and youth / family programs, will be offered in classrooms.

“It is extremely important that we have places where young people can come and experience the natural world,” said Mayor Rhodes-Conway, who attended the opening. “It is so important that we have spaces where we can do this educational work which I hope will not really want to learn or go to school, but rather have fun and marvel. “

The Garden’s 25-year-old greenhouses are also being replaced with new greenhouses that will make more efficient use of space and will be used to grow an increasing number of plants from seeds.

In addition to remarks from speakers and a ribbon cutting, the celebration included an open house at the new facility where guests had the opportunity to chat with Olbrich staff, participate in a potting activity at take out and learn about the sustainable features of the building, among other activities. .

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