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Hot weather with persistent inversion this Sunday


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Happy Sunday, Utah!

It will be another dry for us! A high pressure system will hang over us for the next few days, giving us abundant sunshine. Unfortunately, this will also keep the inversion above us, which will continue to create poor air quality.

Moderate air quality throughout the Wasatch Front and parts of the Uinta Basin is expected to persist. Some people with respiratory problems will be a little worried about this, as the smog air can cause flare-ups. We are expecting a slight warming today, with many temperatures in northern and central Utah ranging from the mid 1940s through the late 1950s and in St. George through the mid 1960s.

Winds will be light in most areas with perhaps a light breeze in parts of northern Utah. If you are traveling by road or by plane, conditions will be excellent without really bad weather conditions in most of the country. As a warning, be sure to layer! Despite mild temperatures in the afternoon, our mornings will start out quite chilly! The lows are expected to be around our upper 20s and mid-30s for most of us. So diapers will be our friends!

In short, significant sunshine with above average highs is expected, but air quality will suffer due to a long-lasting inversion.

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