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Hyperloop is likely to become reality in India before in UAE, says DP World CEO


Hyperloop, a high-speed mass transportation system for passengers and freight, is expected to be deployed first in India or Saudi Arabia before the United Arab Emirates, the CEO of UAE logistics multinational DP World said on Sunday, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Dubai Expo 2020, a six-month event that kicked off on October 1, Sulayem said the high-speed transportation system will become a reality in many parts of the world by the end. of this decade.

“I will see him either in India first or in Saudi Arabia for the time being. Our hope is that when we achieve economies of scale and you have long routes and it’s popular, you will probably pay for the speed of an airplane with the price of a truck, ”Sulayem said when he was asked about the timelines for the Virgin Hyperloop. .

The system is currently being developed by several companies, including Virgin Hyperloop, in which Dubai-based port operator DP World has a majority stake.

Hyperloop is described as a sealed tube or low pressure air tube system through which a pod can move substantially without air resistance or friction.

The company first tested human travel in a hyperloop capsule in November of last year.

“It’s not decades, it’s years,” Sulayem told CNN in an interview on the Expo 2020 site, where the company is exhibiting a large-scale Hyperloop pod.

DP World previously stated that the Hyperloop can significantly reduce inventory movement times, thereby reducing finished product inventory and reducing required warehouse space and costs by 25%.

In February 2018, the president of Virgin Hyperloop One, Richard Branson, announced the project of a hyperloop system between Pune and Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra. These plans have stalled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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