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Joint venture supports rapid growth of greenhouse growers


NatureSweet expands operations through joint venture with Ganfer, a high-tech greenhouse grower in Mexico.

The joint venture will add more than 200 acres to the more than 1,200 acres already owned by NatureSweet, allowing the company to accelerate its capacity for growth. “This expansion is not just about reaching over 1,400 vertically integrated acres today, but also accelerating the newly added capacity, as we plan to add at least an additional 150 acres by the end of 2022 and to continue to build from there, ”said Rodolfo Spielmann, President and CEO of NatureSweet.

“We have invested the last three years in learning and perfecting our offering beyond small tomatoes. We now have a proposition that represents a 20% sales increase over what you can see with the commodities on the market today, ”said Spielmann.

In addition to snacking on tomatoes, the partnership involves growing peppers, cucumbers, and medium and large tomatoes.

“This collaboration goes beyond simple product growth. It is also a vision to leverage cutting-edge technology to accelerate and maximize our positive impact on our communities and the planet, ”said German Gándara, President and CEO of Ganfer.

NatureSweet CEO Rodolfo Spielmann announces the joint venture with Ganfer.

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