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Large greenhouse complex launched in the Almaty region


A contemporary greenhouse complex with an overall area of ​​5.1 ha was launched in the Eltaysky region of the Karasaysky region.

Mr. Aybolat Abenov, chairman of SC Agrarnaya Kreditnaya Kompaniya stressed that the state has allocated reserves for construction on preferential terms. “We are very happy to be present at the opening ceremony of the greenhouse complex. The company already supplies the local market with its products and exports them abroad, ”he said.

The complex includes 5 ha of greenhouses, where tomatoes have been planted. The complex is equipped with all modern technologies, all the favorable conditions have been created for growing healthy products. Each year, they plan to produce 3,000 tonnes of tomatoes. The producers assured that the producers very tasty.

“We started the construction of the greenhouse complex in 2018, using the methods of the company Van der Hoeven. The advantage of such greenhouses is a better controlled microclimate, optimal use of energy and minimal use of additional plant protection. We have chosen the Merlice and Melanesa varieties. We do not use chemical additives allowing organic tomatoes, ”shared the director of development and strategic planning of LLC“ Eurasian Green Product ”, Mr. Zhandos Tursyngaliev.

The company plans to build the second phase of the complex. After the expansion, the greenhouse complex would provide residents with not only tomatoes but also cucumbers. The third phase of construction involves the creation of storage facilities on the 17ha site.

Source: www.tengrinenews.kz.