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Nonprofit Geodesic Dome Greenhouses in Fremont County


(Fremont County, Wyoming) – Local nonprofit Wind River Grow Our Own 307 completed its first geodesic dome greenhouse last week as part of the Eastern Shoshone salvage program in Fort Washakie.

Grow Our Own received the $ 30,000 Dream Offering Grant to build six domes here in Fremont County as part of their ongoing mission to tackle food insecurity.

The domes are designed by Jeff Edwards, UW Extension State Small Acre / Horticulture Specialist and have built them statewide. Earlier this summer, Grow Our Own learned how to build them from Edwards.

This local non-profit organization was founded in 2020 by Darrah Good Voice Elk and Deneica Barrett. They have grown after they started distributing supplies to start a garden at the start of the pandemic to build and distribute garden boxes, and now build domes.

Each dome is handmade and built to Edwards’ design which includes special connector hubs, ventilation and more. From creating a dome kit to a finished dome, it takes about three days, according to Good Voice Elk. The diameter of the dome is 27 feet, which provides enough space for several planters.

With climate change being a concern, she shared that their goal is to find more funding to build more, because domes are really efficient.

“These are what are going to be important for us to have food and to be successful in gardening over time. I think everyone should have one.

Janice Rebhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors Sister towns of Longmont who work with the northern Arapaho tribe, helped with the domes grant.

“What she is considering and what she wants to plan is to use these geographic domes for young people when they are making collaborative efforts with the Northern Arapaho tribe,” explained Good Voice Elk. “They would learn to grow food and use it so that they could learn more about traditional medicines. ”

Getting young people involved is also a goal of Grow Our Own.

Four of the six domes go to the Early Intervention Program, Wyoming Indian Middle School, St. Stephens School, and the Northern Arapaho Tribal Historic Preservation Office. The location of the last dome has not yet been confirmed.

Just over a week ago, Grow Our Own moved to a workspace in Riverton where they can work year round and continue to grow as they serve all of Fremont County.

They are looking for volunteers to help build domes and flower beds. Donations of garden and building materials would also be appreciated, she noted.

Learn more about Grow Our Own and how to help by click here.

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