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Oregon DEQ extends public comment period as it addresses greenhouse gas reduction


SALEM, Ore – The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has extended its public comment period on its proposed climate protection program.

The program aims to gradually reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% by 2050. The proposal was introduced following Kate Brown’s executive order signed in March.

Executive Order 20-04 was issued after the controversial cap-and-trade bill failed in the legislature. Republicans across the state left the session to prevent it from passing, after arguing the bill would affect jobs.

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“[Carbon emissions] is really causing some pretty extreme problems in Oregon, ”Harry Esteves, communications manager at Oregon DEQ, told NBC5 on Monday. “The idea [behind the program] is that we are starting to move away from gasoline, natural gas and propane, and which are fossil fuels that release emissions.

The DEQ wishes to gradually move towards more natural energies such as electric cars and heat pumps. Governor Brown said in her executive order that Oregon’s climate “would get worse” if action was not taken quickly.

“In Oregon, we’re talking about a chronic drought situation that has led to some of these really serious wildfires,” Esteves said. “Then there are these longer term issues such as sea level rise.”

The three-point objective of the DEQ in the proposed plan is to reduce emissions, promote fairness and contain costs. Esteves said one of the benefits of their plan is allowing companies to add money to a finance option, if they are required to cut emissions but are unable to do so by the date. limit.

He says some of the plans will benefit marginalized communities and protect the local economy from a severe blow over the next 30 years.

“We can help [people] whether it’s helping them buy an electric vehicle or switching to another form of heating, ”said Esteves.

Public comments will be accepted until the end of the day on October 25. For more information on the program and the link to comment can be found here: Oregon DEQ

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