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PECO Could Increase Your Gas Bill By About $ 4 Starting Next Month – NBC10 Philadelphia


If you get your natural gas service from CEEC, your bill could go up by around $ 4 as of July 1.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has approved a 4.94% tariff increase for PECO natural gas distribution services, according to a press release.

The electric utility serving the Philadelphia area will use the $ 29.118 million increase in annual operating revenues to make continuous infrastructure improvements to improve safety and reliability while reducing methane emissions, Smore wrote.

The increase represents less than half of the annual increase in income demanded by PECO, according to a press release. The commission’s decree allows for a 4.94% increase in annual operating revenues, compared to the initial request for an 8.9% increase of $ 68.7 million.

“Although lower than our initial request, the PUC’s decision provides funding that is integral to our continuing mission to provide safe and reliable natural gas service to our customers in the region,” the spokesperson wrote. from PECO, Greg Smore Smore, to NBC10 in an email.

This is the first time that PECO has asked for an increase in natural gas tariffs in more than 10 years, Smore wrote.

PECO serves approximately 534,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in several counties in southeastern Pennsylvania.

The typical residential gas bill was $ 71.55 as of June 1, Smore wrote. This would result in an average increase of $ 3.57 for residential customers. PECO is still working to finalize the impact on billing for customers, Smore said.

The energy company also called for an increase in electricity distribution rates that would increase residential customers’ bills by nearly $ 10 each month in March. PECO said the $ 246 million increase would provide “significant” network upgrades and customer relief from the pandemic.

The rate hike, which would take effect in January, would be roughly 10 times larger than the last $ 24.9 million increase that took effect in January 2019. The PUC’s decision on the increase in electricity rates is still pending.