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Russia’s Upgraded Pantsyr Anti-Aircraft Missile / Gun System Can Fight Any Strike Drone – Army & Defense


MOSCOW, November 30. / TASS /. The upgraded Pantsyr-S1M surface-to-air missile / gun system is capable of combating all types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including strike drones, the industrial director of the company’s Armaments cluster told TASS on Tuesday. of state technology Rostec Bekkhan Ozdoyev. .

“The upgrade has significantly enhanced the Pantsyr’s ability to combat all types of drones. In particular, the system is capable of effectively detecting and destroying all types of attack drones in operational service,” he said. he declares.

High Precision Weapons Company (part of Rostec) Deputy CEO Sergei Mikhailov told TASS at the EDEX 2021 International Weapons Show that the upgraded Pantsyr has the potential to become the basis for tactical air defenses.

“The Pantsyr-S1M can be used as a base to build an effective modular air defense network capable of protecting all military units from small and strike drones, precision weapons and, of course, military aviation – airplanes and helicopters The system is fully compliant with the current A2 / AD [anti-access/area denial] principles [an air defense system used to prevent an enemy from penetrating into vital areas]”said Mikhailov.

The Pantsyr-S1M received new hypersonic surface-to-air missiles that increased its strike range from 20 km to 30 km, its operational altitude from 15 km to 18 km and its triple kill zone. Besides new missiles, the system can also fire missiles from the Pantsyr-S1 launcher. Upgrading the Pantsyr-S1M also improved its stealth, jam resistance, and rate of fire.

Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport signed the first contract to deliver Pantsyr-S1M anti-aircraft missile / gun systems at the Army 2021 international arms fair on August 25.

Pantsyr upgraded to lay the groundwork for Russia’s multi-layered counter-drone system

The upgraded Pantsyr-S1M surface-to-air missile / cannon system will be a major component of Russia’s multi-layered counter-drone system, High Precision Weapons Company deputy general manager Sergei Mikhailov said at the EDEX defense held on November 29. – December 2 in Cairo.

“The fight against drones is a major task for today’s air defense weapons. Currently, Russian industry produces two types of anti-drone capabilities: “soft-kill” to suppress drones by electronic countermeasures and “hard-kill” to physically destroy drones. The network integrating the two technologies was unveiled at IDEX 2021 [international arms] show and the Pantsyr-S1M will be its main component, in particular, within a group of drone physical elimination systems, ”Mikhailov explained.

The Pantsyr-S1M is very profitable in the fight against modern drones, he said. “The ammunition used allows full compliance with cost-effectiveness in target strikes. We can confidently say that the Pantsyr-S1M is the cheapest counter-drone system in the world,” he added.