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Smoke and air quality outlook for the California Monument fire and the McFarland fire for Saturday, September 4, 2021


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September 4, 2021 – The U.S. Interagency Forest Fire Air Quality Response Program posts a smoke outlook for the monument fire for Saturday.

Fire: Warm, dry air dominates the forecast area as high pressures return. Low humidity combines with air temperatures in the 90s to prolong burn times and further dry out living and dead fuels. A dense blanket of smoke will keep the fire intensity low this morning before the wind blows from the southwest this afternoon. Where the SW winds line up with the slope over an open perimeter, rapid growth can be expected due to problematic fire behavior and increased smoke production. The smoke blanket resulted in moderate fire growth yesterday; The monument fire is 178,069 acres and the Knob fire is 2,798 acres.

Smoke: A smoke cap and altitude inversion continues to prevent smoke from dispersing from the area. Smoke generated by the behavior of the smoldering fire during the night accumulated in the drains near the forest fires. Communities near active fires will continue to experience hazardous to unsanitary conditions today. Communities distal to the wildfires will see air quality improve this afternoon as the southwest winds scour and disperse the lingering smoke. This pattern continues overnight and into tomorrow as the high pressure system continues to dominate the forecast area. Expect similar conditions on Sunday.


Source: published by the US Interagency Wildland Fire

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