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The laser air defense system is expected to be tested early this year


A laser system designed to intercept incoming rockets is due to undergo final testing “early this year,” Brig. Gen. Eyal Harel, head of the Israel Defense Forces Planning Division, said globes in the last days.

The system, manufactured and developed by Elbit Systems in conjunction with the Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Air Force, can destroy rockets, unmanned aerial vehicles and other threats. It is designed to complement existing air defenses rather than replace them.

According to Harel, the system should be operational in just over three years and costs only a few dollars to fire each time, compared to the approximate price of an Iron Dome Tamir interceptor, estimated at $50,000, according to the report. .

“The final tests are expected to take place early this year. We have managed to reach where no one else in the world has managed to reach. As soon as the final test is successful, we will enter the series production of the systems laser, which two years from now will put us in a different operating point, certainly compared to the Gaza Strip,” Harel said. Globes.

“The next step will be miniaturization, reducing the cost of producing ground systems and putting them in the air. That’s where the big defense companies are involved. Laser is the next thing; that’s really ‘Star Wars,'” he said.

The airborne configuration of the system successfully passed a test in June.