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The Scariest Mysteries of the Mass Effect Series


Mass Effect has become one of the most beloved game series of all time, and for good reason. With the release of Legendary Edition in 2021, space epic fans had the chance to rediscover everything that made them fall in love with the unique world of BioWare, to begin with. On top of that, they also got the chance to rediscover some of the series’ scariest mysteries.

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Between the Legendary Edition and the 2017 Mass Effect: Andromeda, there are plenty of unexplained phenomena that BioWare still hasn’t addressed to this day, and they’re nothing short of frightening.

Where does the Thorian come from?

The Thorian of the Legendary Edition

During the original mass effect, Shepard must travel to the planet Feros in order to obtain the number, which will make sense of their disconnected and unreadable visions. There, the Thorian reveals himself, described as the Old Growth. It is classified as a plant, but it is undoubtedly alive and for over fifty millennia, according to Shiala.

Shepard must kill the Thorian and free Shiala to obtain the Cipher originally created from Prothean memories combined by the plant monster, but the creature’s origins are never explained or further explored in other games.

The fate of ExoGeni

Close-up of the ExoGeni VI

The company responsible for the study of the Thorian creature on Feros, as well as the fate of the Zhu’s Hope settlers they decided to experiment on, is unclear after the original mass effect ends. We’re told they collected the remains of the Thorian and retired from the world, but it’s unclear what happened to them after that.

Their continued existence would be quite unsettling considering what they did, but the fact that they saw fit to take the creature’s remains with them is all the more sinister and disturbing.

The end of the Kett game

The Archon with Kett by his side

It seems pretty clear that the Andromeda Kett’s are invading other galaxies in order to “exalt” the local races, but their exact reasons are not so certain. The Archon is lyrical about how this process will uplift those lucky enough to be chosen for exaltation, without giving more information.

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But their empire seems to be expanding, and the Kett’s themselves are clearly ruthless. A sequel to Andromeda might be on hold after its less than ideal reception, but it would be fascinating to shed more light on the Kett in future games.

Who were the Jardaan?

Ryder uses leftover technology

Exploring what the Heleus Cluster has to offer and investigating what is happening to the Angara, Ryder ends up discovering the Jardaan, an ancient race of aliens who created the Remnant technology, as well as all of the world. Angara species.

The exact origins and purposes of the Jardaan remain a mystery to this day, with BioWare debunking the theory that they were Protheans. This is something else that could be explored in the future.


Description of the planet Ploba

Players will more than likely spend a lot of time scouring the galaxy for secrets and resources. While doing so, they meet Ploba, a gas giant whose description is sure to give you chills. Bafflingly, the scans reveal huge unexplained superstructures in Ploba’s atmosphere, too regular in pattern to be just geography.

This led to the conclusion that Ploba may be a gargantuan supercomputer, or perhaps even an ancient example of grim reaper technology hiding in plain sight with the intention of indoctrinating neighboring species. But none of these theories have ever been confirmed … or denied.

The creation of the guardians

A guardian on the citadel

The Guardians are present in all three parts of the original trilogy, but even the inhabitants of the Citadel don’t quite know what they are. Vigil, the Prothean VI, will shed some more light on them and involve them serving the Reapers, activating the Citadel as a mass relay every cycle to allow them to travel from dark space and begin to annihilate all life in the galaxy.

However, the exact circumstances of their origins, and the species they may have been the origin of before being reused for the needs of the Reapers, are not known.

Who is the benefactor?

Ryder talks with SAM

Players who have taken the time to unlock all of SAM’s hidden memories will be aware of the information that the Andromeda Initiative was funded by a mysterious benefactor, whose identity is never revealed.

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While the Initiative was clearly set up with good intentions, there is an undeniable shadow in Alec Ryder’s work with artificial intelligence before the Initiative began. It is not unlikely that the Benefactor is a cold and unfriendly person who funded the Initiative for his own ulterior motives, perhaps even because of an interest in Alec’s AI work.


Description of the planet Logan

Logan is yet another gas giant like Ploba, whose existence might never be discovered unless players roam the galaxy in search of secrets. Like his big cousin, Logan has a disturbing description that hints at his true nature. Twenty years earlier, an investigative team attempted to map the system, only to discover the readings of several large objects under Logan’s clouds. As they moved to inspect, the objects disappeared one by one until they were all gone.

This event never happened again, and the identity of the unidentified objects has remained one of the Milky Way’s most frightening mysteries.

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