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Van containing 250 bottles of ‘laughing gas’ intercepted by Marbella police

Van containing 250 bottles of “laughing gas” intercepted by the Marbella police. image: local police marbella

Van containing 250 bottles of ‘laughing gas’ intercepted by police in Marbella

A pickup truck containing 250 cylinders of nitrous oxide – better known as “laughing gas” – was intercepted by local police officers in the Malaga recently province town of Marbella.

As reported by police, the incident happened a few days ago, after their 092 number received a call. The call informed them of an illegal party that allegedly took place at a villa on the famous Golden Thousand.

As a result, police patrols were deployed to the scene and quickly verified that there was a party there. They identified the three people who opened the door as aged 22 to 31, a Spanish national and two others of foreign origin.

That’s when a Dutch clad Mercedes van arrived, totally oblivious to the police presence. The driver started honking his horn to be allowed to enter the grounds of the villa.

When officers approached the vehicle, they encountered two people, including a Dutch national and another of Arab origin. An inspection of the contents of their van uncovered 250 bottles of “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide), for which the two occupants handed over documents from a Dutch logistics company in an attempt to explain their cargo.

Their shipment of nitrous oxide was confiscated, with police believing they could have shut down a supply line that had been operating in the region since the start of the pandemic. Illegal parties have become popular since normal entertainment venues were closed.

The sale of this gas is completely legal, and it is freely available in the market, or on the Internet, even used as an anesthetic by the dental industry. Unfortunately, laughing gas has become a regular fixture at many parties, due to the feeling of euphoria it can create in anyone who inhales it.

There have been several incidents in the Marbella area over the summer, where this gas is believed by police investigators to be responsible for one death and two seriously injured. Nitrous oxide stops the full flow of oxygen to the brain and is known to cause hallucinations or paranoia, and when mixed with cocaine or alcohol the effect increases and may result serious problems, as reported surinenglish.com.


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